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Are you tired of eating the same meal over and over again? Why not choose a different meal each month? Add variety to your life!


Everyone loves to have a special meal on birthdays, but busy schedules often make it difficult. Our boxes comes with everything needed for a delicious and visually appealing meal, can even include flowers on the side. You pick the date you want your meal to arrive, and we'll take care of the rest. You will have options to choose from as a customer.


What package do you prefer?!. 


The not so basic meal plan that started it all!  Our original subscription, First Class keeps you on your toes with your choice of personalized meals, sent in our dope seasonal bags. That includes:


  • Meal of your choice

  • Treat

  • Mocktail

  • Toy

  • Seasonal Surprise Gift mysterious goodies for the month.


We like to keep it a surprise, but just to give you a hint, fancy a mug or a towel? You’ll get this with all your monthly subscriptions each month, making this treat to yourself or with anyone even more fun. The perfect package to give yourself or someone special an experience they’ll never forget !

  • 125$
    Every month
  • 200$
    Every month


All the faves from our first class package, but this time flowers are included! Plus, we’ll custom-design your package in a special theme, based on the month you order it. Premium Made for you! 


Whether you're ordering for a loved one or treating yourself, there’s always so much to love because you get to indulge in premium each month.  


Feeling a little bougie? Custom Pro is a members-only upgrade to your monthly UNBOXME membership that includes both first class and premium made packages, but specially curated by YOU (Best for a special occasion).


This personalized package is ideal for adding a personal touch to your meals. It includes all the above packages in addition to lovely flowers for birthdays, surprise someone or any occasion. Think of it as your all-access pass to custom make your experience— just let us know your thoughts and we can make something work.


Can’t decide which one you want? No problem, we can work some magic for you. Disappointment is not an option! You will choose from a list of meals made specifically for a special occasion, such as a birthday.


This package allows you to pick a specific date!

  • 275$
    Every month
  • 180$
    Every month


Flowers is my heart! We have an option for a custom flower package. Each package is customized. You will get your flowers without any extra frills. Choose the type of size you want or let us build a box that’s oh-so-you!

  • 850$
    Valid for 30 days


This party bundle has your party entertainment taken care of! 6 boxes have been carefully designed, so that the party has a mixture of both sweet and spicy. You can choose between three options of meals that we've meticulously designed for you to enjoy! With a meal of your choice, party favors, Mocktail drink (Ice & alcohol not included) & a toy of course, you'll never have to go hungry again at your get-togethers or any event.

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